Scalp Micropigmentation

Most people see hair loss, thinning hair, and baldness as male issues, but up to 40% of people with hair loss in America are women. The past few years have seen increased interest in hair loss treatment from women, and micropigmentation is the choice remedy. Here’s an overview of micropigmentation for women and why it’s becoming increasingly popular.
 Scalp micropigmentation refers to a unique procedure involving adding pigments to the skin layer under the scalp. The process conceals bald spots and thinning hair, creating an appearance of full hair difficult to distinguish from natural hair. Practitioners start by assessing the client’s scalp to identify areas requiring pigments without compromising existing locks. Scalp micro-pigments, scalp tattoos, or cosmetic pigmentation may require 2 to 3 procedures to produce the best results. The procedures are 10 to 14 days apart, depending on the client’s healing process. Most clients of cosmetic pigmentation are men, but women can also benefit. Practitioners also have unique approaches for different female baldness patterns.