Ladies Pamper Party

A pamper party, sometimes referred to as pampering party, is where a group
of lady friends get together to mark a special occasion such as a birthday
party, bachelorette party, baby shower, vendor party or just to meet and
spend time together indulging and getting pampered. At the pamper party,
the guests can be treated to a myriad of pampering treatments such as hair
services, manicures, pedicures, botox, filler, makeup, permanent jewelry
acrylic nails or any beauty therapy and/or bring your own venders.
Additionally, the salon offers alcohol beverages and non alcohol beverages
to purchase while enjoying your fun day. Feel free to bring in your own
snacks or we can arrange that as well. Pamper parties are mostly for
females and can include either adults, teens, or small girls.
Want your own venders? Don't want the clean up? let us host your party
the rockstar way